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Bach Flower Remedies

Behavioral Support Through Flower Essences

Flower Essences are homeopathically-prepared, natural preparations that contain the energy patterns of the flowers from which they are made.

Flower essences come from the same natural world as animals and often provide exactly the information needed for an animal to find his or her way through a difficulty. They can be remarkably effective at correcting or adjusting emotional imbalances, either as an aid to a behavior modification program, or as a stand-alone application for animals who have difficulty in specific situations (such as travelling, nervousness in new situations, fear of thunder, loud noises, crowds, etc..).

I am devoting an entire page of my website to flower essences, because I have been turning to them more and more for my behavioral clients and have seen first hand the tremendously positive impact they can have.

So, what are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are dilute liquid preparations containing the vibrational imprint of the energy signature of flowers. This energy signature is the “essence” of the plant, thus the name, “Flower Essences.”

Vibrational healing is easy to understand within the framework of the physicists’ viewpoint that all phenomena, including the physical body, are comprised of nothing but energy in constant transformation. All things are energy with their own unique vibration,  including thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns. Furthermore, the energy vibration of one thing affects the energy vibration of another through a process of synchronization. It is similar to the way a tuning fork behaves.  If you strike one tuning fork you can cause the one next to it to begin vibrating at the same frequency.

What do Flowers  have to offer our Animal Friends?

Says Julie Cantrell of Aldaron Essences:    

“Flower essences subtly adjust attitude, altering perspective over time from negative and reactive, to positive and balanced. How do they accomplish this? It’s a good question. As one whose education and background are in the sciences, I lean towards healthy skepticism when encountering techniques or products that lack clear explanation. However, I also realize that there is a whole universe of processes and events that we do not yet fully understand. After all, virtually every scientific notion that we now accept as established, was not long ago unexplained and “mysterious”. The living body appears to be capable of responding, reacting and adjusting to subtle “energies”, for lack of a better word, that are not currently measurable given the level of technology and understanding we have today. So, at this time no one can offer formal studies that demonstrate the mechanism by which Flower Essences work. However, as long as I keep seeing the results I’ve seen for two decades, I am happy to accept that the universe still holds its mysteries, and am thankful things don’t stop working just because we can’t understand how or why!” 


Where to buy? How to Choose?

Flower essences are available from a variety of sources in combination formulas or as single flower remedies. If you are new to Flower Essences, I recommend Aldaron. Julie Cantrell of Aldaron Essences is a Flower Essence Practitioner (in addition to a professional dog trainer and dog behavior consultant). She works primarily with flower essences developed in the 1930’s by English physician and Bacteriologist Dr. Edward Bach and has prepared flower combination formulas to target specific behavior concerns.

We also have a local Bach Flower practitioner in our area. Her name is Melissa Wright and she can be found at Lilypad Wholistic Services.