Small Classes, Big Results

You will get plenty of individual attention
with two convenient locations to serve you: Spokane and Clayton

Group Classes

There are two class locations: Clayton (Deer Park) and Spokane Valley. The training studio in Clayton is nestled in the woods with fenced areas for off-leash play and training. The facility in the Spokane Valley is in a more urban environment, located adjacent to Doggyland Daycare at 10021 E. Knox Avenue.

  • All Classes in Clayton are 5 weeks/$165 
  • All Classes in Spokane Valley are 5 weeks/$175 

You can register either online or by phone at 509-276-9118

Small classes reap big results! You will receive individual attention as needed, because everyone does not learn at the same pace. Both locations have plenty of room to accommodate worried or shy dogs that might need a little extra space.

Beginning classes include a training manual. Lessons are geared to the whole family, so older children are welcome to take part in the training!

Training methods are reward-based. We use treats in class, however, by the third week you will learn how to reduce your dependence on them and use other methods of reinforcing your dog for good behavior.

Puppy classes include supervised social time. Some of it will be on-leash and then, when the puppies are ready there will be off-leash play time. In the process, you will learn how to recognize and monitor healthy play interactions.

Family participation is encouraged! All interested family members who will participate in the dog’s training are welcome to attend, including children. But, two adults must accompany children under the age of eight – one adult to tend to the dog and one to supervise the child. Quiet voices and bodies are required in class. The dogs will be excited, distracted and apprehensive and high noise levels and fast-moving children contribute to the dogs’ stress.

After I receive your enrollment, I will send an email confirmation with necessary information about what to bring to class.

Total Recall

Puppy Class