Northern Tails Dog Training

Northern Tails Dog Training


Training methods are dog-friendly and do not include force or intimidation. Ever!

I firmly believe that forceful training methods are not necessary if the dog has been taught a solid foundation, been set up to succeed and rewarded for doing so. The reward, or reinforcement, that works best depends on each individual dog. Most like food. Some prefer praise and social approval. Others prefer play. We can always find something the dog wants to work for.

I also believe that dogs are on this planet to work in cooperation with us. Humans started fiddling with genetics long ago specifically to create helpers and companions to suit our needs. It stands to reason, therefore, that dogs want to please us. So, when humans and dogs are at odds with one another, the miscommunication is probably on the human end.   Dogs are often punished and coerced because humans haven’t held up their end of the bargain and TAUGHT their companions how to succeed in this crazy human world.

All of my training programs serve to put the relationship you have with your dog on the right track so that communication and cooperation flows effortlessly back and forth between both ends of the leash.

Feel free to pick up the phone and call me. Ask me about my training methods and experience! If I can provide a quick solution in a 15-minute conversation, I am happy to do so at no charge. And about those phone calls…I do not answer the phone or emails when I am with a dog, a human client or behind the wheel of my car.  I do return messages in the evening and early morning hours, and throughout the day as my schedule permits. So, please be patient!

Lisa M. Lucas, CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed

The CPDT-KA is the only psychometrically sound, NCCA accredited, legally defensible credentialing examination available to dog trainers!





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