You will get plenty of individual attention with
two locations to serve you: Spokane and Clayton

Q: What do I bring to class?


  1. Bring a variety of treats for training. Treats should be small, depending on the size of the dog. The size of a green pea for smaller dogs, or larger for bigger dogs. Treats should be soft – cut up hot dogs, cheese, meat, soft dog treats. Why soft? For two reasons: (1) we use a LOT of treats in the first few classes and it takes the dog longer to chew hard treats than soft treats, and (2) in the excitement of class, dogs often do not swallow thoroughly before they pant and/or take another treat. The hard crumbs on their tongue get inhaled into the airway, which causes them to interrupt their learning to take time to cough.
  2. A flat buckle collar or harness and a leash that is 4 or 6 feet in length. Leave the retractable leashes at home, please. If you are worried about the collar slipping off over your dog’s head, a martingale collar, might provide more security.
  3. A mat, rug or bed for your dog to lie on.
Q: Can the entire family come to class?


Yes! All interested family members who will participate in the dog’s training are welcome to attend. Family participation is encouraged. Children are welcome to attend, but TWO adults must accompany children under the age of eight – one adult to tend to the dog and one to supervise the child.

Quiet voices and bodies are required in class. The dogs will be excited, distracted and apprehensive in class. Your dog may not act like the calm dog who lives in your house. High noise levels are stressful and fast moving, excitable children add even more to the stress level of the dogs.

Q: What age does my puppy need to be to attend class?

Puppies must be up-to-date on their vaccines for their age. Because early socialization is so critical for a dog’s wellbeing throughout their lifetime, we generally do not recommend waiting to join a puppy class until they have completed a traditional course of shots. You should chat with your veterinarian and do some research on the topic. But, the official position of the American Veterinary Society on Animal Behavior is that puppies start classes early.

See their Position Statement Here

Q: Where are classes held?


  • Clayton classes are held at 4587 Furze Road, Clayton (4 miles North of Deer Park).
  • Spokane Classes are held at 10021 East Knox Avenue/ DoggyLand Day Care.
Q: What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?


Group classes
Registrations for group classes are non-refundable and non-transferable once classes have started. We appreciate your understanding that once you have reserved a spot we agree to hold this spot for you in which case it is made unavailable to other dog/handler teams.

Private lessons
Payment for training packages are due at the end of the first lesson. After that you have 72 hours to cancel for any reason, and will receive a full refund, minus $95. But, after 72 hours, there will be no refunds for any reason – this policy ensures we stay the course until you and your dog are successful!