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Private Training

Private One-on-One Training & Behavior Help

Private training packages provide more individualized training in the convenience of your home and neighborhood.  In addition, some situations (such as setting your puppy up for home success prior to attending puppy class, and resolving fear and separation problems) are more effectively addressed in private lessons rather than a group class.

Private training can be done in your home, in a public space or at my facility. I also offer semi-private lessons, when I have two clients working on similar issues with compatible dogs.

Training package rates for all services range from $175.00 to $1,100.00. Please call or email to discuss your situation.

Smart Start for Puppies
1 session/$175.00 (90-minute session, in-home)
2 sessions/$265.00 (90-minutes each, in-home)

In-home lesson(s) to get your puppy off on the right paw. Establish good habits and prevent bad behavior before it begins!

The first session will cover the following topics:

  • House training
  • Polite greetings/not jumping up
  • Appropriate chewing
  • Puppy mouthing
  • Body handling (grooming, nail trimming)
  • Interactions with other animals in the home
  • Responding to his or her name
  • Teaching sit and down
  • Answering all of your puppy-related questions

The second session will cover the following topics:

  • Beginning leash walking
  • Teaching pup to bring things to you, instead of stealing and running away
  • Come when called
  • Further help with the things you learned in the first session.


CollinsPuppy“We just wanted you to know Jake has been like a different dog since you came.  I don’t think it is coincidence either. He has been much less in “puppy brain zoomies” mode and much calmer overall. He even seems to have grown a much larger bladder overnight! Can’t wait to get started in puppy classes.”  Marty & Kathy K.



Home Alone Training

Does your dog bark nonstop while you are away? Destroy the house? Leave potty accidents? Is there a doggy “meltdown” every time you want to leave? Not sure if your dog is just bored and naughty or you might be dealing with Separation Anxiety? Either way, I can help you get it resolved.  For more information on Separation Anxiety, please visit the Separation Anxiety page (click here)

Behavior Modification – Aggression, Anxiety, Reactivity

The training packages and cost for this service varies. Please call to discuss your situation. I often can determine how many lessons you might need and what they will entail in a phone conversation. From there we can book a lesson package that makes sense OR you can schedule an evaluation. In that one-time evaluation I will meet with you and your dog, see how he or she responds to me and to other dogs and to you and then determine a realistic plan and prognosis from there.

Evaluation at your home/$125.00 

Evaluation at my facility/$95.00

One size does NOT fit all. The underlying motivation for your dog’s behavior matters…and most “bad” behavior is not about dominance. Good training plans factor in the dog’s personality (or is that canine-ality?), temperament, early social experiences and whether or not the dog is bossy,fearful,anxious, stressed, and/or confused about his job and your expectations. Each training and behavior modification plan is custom designed for your dog and your personal situation.

I have only one constant in my work with behaviorally challenged dogs: I never use electronic training collars or prong-collar corrections for ANY aggression based in anxiety, confusion, stress or fear. And that covers about 99.9% of all aggression. Am I a softy? No. But, I get results without the use of force and intimidation. If interested I can talk to you about the behavioral science underlying my work. Or we can just get started and you can see the results for yourself.