You will get plenty of individual attention with
two locations to serve you: Spokane and Clayton

Lisa is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, #62528 and is among the highest rated in the Greater Spokane area with 15+ years of experience.



“Lisa has the unique and critical ability to see behavior and training through a dog’s eyes.  She is passionate about the bond that we all share with our pets, and always strives to make it a seamless relationship.   I have referred many clients to Lisa whom have struggled with their dog’s problem behavior and have needed personal attention to achieve success.”
Dr. Julie Sederstrom, DVM

Valley Veterinary Clinic

“I have been referring clients and their dogs to Lisa Lucas for almost a decade now. Lisa is wonderful to work with as a veterinarian and understands that I don’t want to reach for drugs right away. Most of my clients learn behavior modification skills (for them and their dog!) from Lisa along with natural remedies. I love that Lisa works with and promotes the Veterinary Behaviorist at WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital and keeps current with her training skills. My daughter and I took our own dog through one of Lisa’s basic obedience classes and her calmness and demeanor worked miracles for us. I cannot recommend Lisa enough!”
Dr. Katie Dull, DVM

Regal Veterinary Clinic

Lisa and I met as volunteers at the Spokane County animal shelter. She was a dog trainer and involved in
rolling out the canine temperament testing program and I was down there trying to figure out how I was
going to make a difference in the lives of the dogs.

In 2007 I was given an opportunity to launch a prison dog training program at Geiger Corrections Center
and Lisa was the first person I thought of to help me do that. We developed the FIDO program (Federal
Inmate Dog Opportunities) and trained and rehomed 44 shelter dogs before we lost our Federal Inmates
to other correctional facilities and had to shut it down.

Lisa’s ability to see the big picture and every little detail was the cornerstone to the success of that
program. Her dog handling skills come from reading everything dog related and plain old natural
instinct and intuition. She is a joy to work with.


Sgt Kim Lytle

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office (Retired) , Geiger Corrections Center

Lisa is a great trainer and has the ability to explain what needs to be done in very clear language.
Intermountain Search Dogs asked her to speak at the state-wide Dog Meet 2008. She spent considerable
time learning what search dogs need to do and then broke down the steps to teach it. She has helped many dog handlers improve their training techniques.
Cindy Green

Intermountain Search Dogs

“You are a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes you just need to let Teva be a dog, she will make mistakes
and so will you, but we will get through it.” And thanks to advice like that from Lisa we have enjoyed
our furry family member through the “stubborn days” as well as the happy frolicking days. Lisa is honest
and positive. Her calming attitude has been my sanity through puppy-hood.
Heather McCabe

Spokane, WA

Lisa is the best. Her training methods are kind, pain and force free, and very effective. Through one-on-one sessions and group classes, Lisa taught me not only how to teach my dog skills like sit-stay, walking without pulling, and coming when called, she taught me how to communicate effectively with my dog in general. My entire relationship and connection with my dog, Barkley, is better for having worked with Lisa. She is incredibly patient, understanding, clear, and direct, with the ability to communicate the same ideas in different ways in order to reach everyone. I would recommend her to anyone, with any type of dog and any type of behavior issue.
Meg A.

Spokane, WA

I looked for a trainer that practices Positive Rewards and that is how I found Lisa. She was great and her recall class really helped our 1-yr year old Chow to focus and desire to come to us when called. Lisa’s method of training I feel is amazing and she knows how to get the best results. We really enjoyed her class and would love to attend more in the future. It is a bit of a drive for us but it was worth it and the time spent learning. Thank you again Lisa. From Kirk, Deanna and Chloe.
Deanna N.

Moses Lake, WA

Lisa is fantastic! She came and did a 1:1 home visit with our 10 week old to get a good foundation for puppy class. After puppy class we went on to Prep School and Total Recall. Lisa takes the time to get to know each pooch and their owners. She also provides fantastic real world advice that is actionable!
Angela H.

Spokane, WA

Lisa was referred highly to me by the wonderful owners of Pawpular Companions and I’m so thankful to have started working with her. 4 months back, I rescued a 2-year old Lab/Shepherd mix from Montana who I discovered has fairly severe separation anxiety. After a couple months of attempting to help Willow with her anxiety myself, I quickly realized I needed a professional eye. After my initial talk with Lisa, we decided to enroll Willow and myself in Northern Tail’s Headstart class in order to build Willow’s confidence in herself and learn to trust me. We likewise began a multi-step process for Willow’s anxiety. Over the last few months, I’ve been working with Lisa very closely and we are most happy to see progress in Willow’s anxiety! Willow’s strong attachment to me has made it a difficult and long process to discover what helps her feel safe without me, but Lisa is always offering new ideas, new perspectives, and constant encouragement. I highly recommend Lisa to any dog lover whose furry companion needs that extra help surviving without you : )



Emily A.

Spokane, WA

Lisa is amazing! Our 5- year old Coonhound became very aggressive towards other animals. We started with private sessions and have progressed to group classes. He has come so far in the last 5 months and we couldn’t be happier! We are so thankful for all her time, effort and expertise. She has been a blessing for our family!
Krysta B.

Spokane, WA

Lisa completely changed the atmosphere of our home in just 4 sessions. Before, we were afraid to have guests over as our Sophie and Edison would jump all over the guests and absolutely refuse to listen. Now when we have guests over they wait at the rug until we give them the ok to meet the guests. Before, they wouldn’t stay at all when told. Now we can tell them to stay, go out in the garage or to the porch for a while, come back and they are still there! Before, we couldn’t walk them without them pulling hard on the leash to the point that they would be choking. Now they walk at our sides and pay attention to our commands when we are walking.

I can’t believe how much our 4 lessons with Lisa has changed our lives and the happiness of Sophie and Edison. We highly recommend Northern Tails Dog Training and will definitely be back for more!


James M.

Spokane, WA

My 5- month old Goldendoodle, Marigold and I just completed the 6- week puppy class and will be going back for more. I loved the small class size. It allowed lots of time to practice skills and to receive individual tips from Lisa, so that my dog and I could move past those little hurdles that make you want to give up. Seriously, Lisa watches you and your dog like a hawk and pinpoints what it is that isn’t working and has a great tip that works for you and your dog specifically. Marigold and I will be back in 3 weeks for the next level class and the Recall class in July. I’m so glad that my vet recommended her classes.
Tracy S.

Deer Park, WA

Lisa has been the key trainer for my service dog Sasha. Without her help and guidance, Sasha nor I would be where we are today. She not only trained Sasha but guided and trained me as well showing me how to be a confident handler and how to work as a team with Sasha. Lisa has also helped my youngest daughter Victoria who was eight years old at the time work with her puppy Sparky who was only 6 months old, showing great patience and caring for my daughter taking much needed one on one time even in group class to help her. I would recommend Lisa and Northern Tails to anyone at any time.
Shawn M.

Spokane, WA

Lisa really knows her stuff! She has continued to help us help our little scaredy boy Jace. She gets it and shares so many solutions. Wonderful!



Cindi S.

Spokane, WA