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“I am the proud owner of two wonderful labs, Lucy and Gracie. The girls had very few issues, however I feel like we needed ‘finishing school.’ Rushing to the door, sort-of-coming when called, kind-of-paying attention to ‘leave-it’ all were areas we needed to be better at. It was our lucky day when I found Lisa’s website and called her. She quickly saw what needed to be done with each dog and showed me ways to guide them on the path to success with positive and praise-filled direction. She also didn’t scold me for being a push over mom!! Just found a way to help me get back to being in control all of the time, instead of some of the time. It is clear that Lisa has a huge knowledge base to draw from, but she also has a huge passion for her profession. Such a pleasure to be one of Lisa’s students…all three of us!” ~ Corrine Tomlinson and ‘Girls’