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Charm School

Boarding School for Dogs!

UPDATE May, 2018: I am not accepting dogs into Charm School at this time.

Dogs who come here for Boarding and Training receive undivided attention. I only take one dog at a time. Boarding dogs sleep in a crate in the house – not in outside kennels. During the day they will socialize with well-mannered resident dogs in-between training sessions. Why is this important? Adolescent dogs learn boundaries, impulse control and valuable manners from the best teachers of all – other dogs. Dogs that are a little shy also benefit from confidence-building interactions with calm, well-mannered resident dogs. This is a different scenario than a doggy daycare or dog park, where dogs often learn bad manners from other untrained dogs. In charm school,  they will be given guidance in how to be polite with other dogs.

Training methods are dog-friendly, force-free and focus on positive reinforcement. I never use electronic shock collars (E-collars), physical punishment or harsh leash corrections.

When your dog returns home, he or she will be CALMER and MORE BALANCED, naturally. There will be Less alarm barking. Less race-tracking through the house. Quicker to settle down when visitors arrive. Less pushy and impulsive over all. More satisfied entertaining themselves, or napping while you are busy with other things.

They will also have a solid foundation in the following:  sit (no matter what), lie down, stay, come-when-called, release and walking on a loose leash.

Package Options:

10 days of training + 2 private lessons/$1,500
The private lessons will take place at your home to help transfer my training to you. Includes written support materials. Video of how I guide your dog through the exercises.

12 days of training + 4 private lessons/$2,000
Private lessons will take place at your home and/or in a public setting, such as the park. Includes written support materials and video of how I guide your dog through the exercises. This package also includes two field trips to work in public during the 12-day stay with me.

Regardless of which package you choose, YOU will need to be trained. Your dog will respond to me. The two of you will still need to work together. Most of my clients are very happy with the 10-day option. But, I always feel it is better in the long run for you to have as much training as the dog…and you will learn much more in 4-private lessons, than you will in two.

Polly the Yorkshire Terrier

Polly is a 3-lb Yorkshire Terrier. Here she is showing off a perfect down/stay just like the big dog next to her. She learned this and more while studying at Charm School.





Niko 002


Nikko is a high-energy boy who needed lots of play time in-between his training lessons.  Every dog has different emotional needs and different energy levels. Charm school dogs are the top priority during their visit, which means they get what they need so they are in the best frame of mind for learning while they are here…Nikko was all about the sprinklers!

“Lisa is honest and positive. Her calming attitude has been my sanity through puppy-hood. Lisa is never shy to tell me how I might improve my training skills, yet still always encourages me by telling me the good things I am doing with Teva as well. I can’t say enough about Lisa and her services.”
~ Heather McCabe, Spokane, WA